The A project Mistake in Action/ Jeune Femme sérieuse attempts to research the meaning of mistakes by re-constructing them through subjective perceptions of individuals, into an expanding mechanism.

Gathering participants from around the world, through a published job-offer, the project tries to examine the performative potentials of the audition\application process in the 21st century, and transform the process into an artistic event.

part 1 recognition of online partcipants



A project by: Seung hee Lee (S. Korea),

Dramaturgy: Liat Fassberg (Israel),

Participants: Hamid Elhai (Iran), Marius Miron (Romania), Teri Seo (S. Korea), Ju- Hyun Lee (S. Korea).

Technical assistance: Tim Schuster (Germany)

Mentored by: Bojana Kunst , Frank Max Muller and Philipp Schulte

Supported by: HTA, ATW, Platform Sarai and the Kulturamt Frankfurt

With special thanks: Rene Alejandro Huari Mateus, Saman Roschanai, Christian I.G Alvarez, The Frankfurter Lab, Marcus Dross, Cedric Samson


This project proposal is to develop, devise and practice a process of making choreography with „Mistakes„.

– How can Mistakes become an integral and systematic part of the learning process and an approach to artistic practice?

– How may Mistakes lead to different ways of generating materials and to unexpected materials?

First call-

„The project called „Mistake in Action / Jeune femme serieuse“ will work on finding potentials on the gathering people in a capitalistic working set of the contemporary society. Then it will focus on how the signified of Mistakes would multiply through the art practice.“


This is the final version of the project’s concept, re-finalized relatively late in the process.



The recruiting process was a long phase in which we searched for our participants. Though it was clear from the start that we meant aimed for a very wide and open out-reach, we were very surprised at the outcome being that most of the candidate (and all of our final participants) were „foreigners“ to Frankfurt.

Our recruiting process was conducted of three steps- publishing ads across the city, Skype and personal auditions and a final selection process.


To start recruiting, we began with a basic Ad draft, which we posted around the city: University, billboards, art schools, UBahn and Sbahn stations, coffee shops, supermarkets etc.

Our goal was to reach as many diverse people as possible, in order to open the recruiting process to people from different social and socio-economical areas.

We then progressed to post digital ads on job-searching websites, artist website etc, as well as digital and printed newspapers.

The last phase was to post the open call on Facebook.

Open call part time ads ad-ing 2ad-ing 8 ad-ing 5


Skype meetings:

Applicants who sent a response to the ads (published either on billboards, internet sites or newspapers), were offered a Skype interview in which they had to tell their Mistake story, answer questions and had the opportunity to get some answers as well.

The Skype recordings were to be used as material for the film, portraying the performative stratum of an audition\interview, in which people, while „trying to sell themselves as best they can“, are faced with the task to speak about their own mistakes.

* Although the request to film the Skype for public use was written clearly in the first email exchange, an ethical problem came up during the working process, as the Skype recording were considered for a film. Therefore a second „artificial“ interview was re-filmed with the final participants. To avoid any inconveniences, What is presented here, are the second „re-filmed“ versions.


The next step after the Skype auditions was personal meetings with the candidates, in which the director could get a notion for personality and team adaptability.

The important thing in the personal meeting was to explane the working process and emphasize the commitment needed for such a process- that each participant create within the group work, his or her personal (mistake)story, yet allow the story to also move from one participant to the other, to form variations.

After meeting with all participants, we then summed the „dry facts“ (gender, age, country of origin, etc.) with their mistake story (Theme, detail etc.) and our impressions from the meetings (team work capability, patience, open mind, willingness to share their story etc.)

At last we ended up with our final participants:

Cedric Samson- French, male, 43, translator,. Mistake theme: Grammar.

Teri Seo– South Korean, female, 24, dancer, living in Italy. Mistake theme: love triangle.

Marius Miron– Romanian , male,32, performer , technician and free artist. Mistake theme: misunderstanding with the police.

Ju Hyun– Soth- Korean, female, 24, artist. Mistake theme: childhood mistake.

Hamid Elahi– Iranian, male, 29, Finance student. Mistake theme: accident.



The final event of the project was an evening open for audience, which took place on July 9th 2015, at Platform Sarai, introducing the two parts of the project: The exhibition including a video art concerning the auditions\ interviews, and a staged performance concerning the scores.

The Exhibition

The exhibition was composed of three parts:

1. Reaction-wall, gathering reactions to the ads and the project in general, that came in through the email.

reactions audience

2. Final video of weekly tasks:

During rehearsal process, the director had a weekly Skype meeting with each of the online participants, as well as rehearsals with all participants. After each rehearsal, the participants would get a task via email, to be fulfilled for the next rehearsal. This is the final cut, gathering the different outcomes\reactions to the weekly tasks:

password: mistakexperts

3. Final video of Interviews

The goal of this video work was to depict the performative state „automatically“ afforded in a scene of job interview\audition, as the contestants must „sell themselves“ in order to „get a job“. This liminal state is enhanced as they face the task to talk about their own mistake.

A first draft of the video was presented as part of the „Rough proposals“ evening at Mousonturm Frankfurt a. Main.

Password : mistakexperts

The staged performance

Part I- Communal score
[a set score, each participant has his\her own symbols\action for each title]

  1. Starring
  2. Verbal Introduction (English to your own language)
  3. Humming\ Singing
  4. Recognition of Online performers
  5. Main Character gesture
  6. Tie a shoe lace
  7. Cleaning
  8. Finger Print\ Chalk introduction
  9. Black out

Skype callingonline participants

part 1 tie a shoe lacepart 1 finger printspart 1 Finger prints; Chalk introduction

Part II- Triangle game

Three participants play the triangle game. When someone loses, they enact a symbol from their own story

Part III- unexpected Behavior

Participants are encouraged to vitiate their own symbols as well as respond to and adopt symbols from other participants, to try and create new moments of interactions, new stories.

Symbol options [order to be changed and played with]:

Finger print
Black out
Main character gesture
When I was 16,– / It was Sunday, Rainy day,– / Four years ago, when I was a–
Drinking water
Laying down & standing up
Soccer ball
Change object\ performer slightly.

part 3 starringpart 3 finger printsPart 3 Chalk


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