VViP-Festival 2019, 2020, tbc?

The VViP or VVork in Progress Festival has been developed and executed by students of Dramaturgy and Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance research at the Institut for TFM. The goal of the Festival is to get students from all universities in the HTA to meet up and discuss the projects they are working on. This aims both at helping each other to continue with those ongoing projects after exchanging about them and to get students into contact so future works can be approached cooperatively. Moreover, VViP wants to find and test modes to talk about unfinished works in a way that engage with its being in process instead of judging it from the outside. In that it also wants to ask for different modes to talk about art in general – finished or unfinished.

The Festival has happened twice, 2019 in Frankfurt Lab and 2020 in the digital realm of Zoom. Further information can be found at https://www.vvipfestival.com/. Although most students who worked on the previous editions, will not create a third one, the festival itself still isn’t finished and hopefully never will be. If you are interested in developping a third edition, don’t hesitate to write to vvipfestival@gmail.com. We are happy to share all the information and experience we have gathered so far, so the festival can life on.

Aftermovie to VViP 2019