Modes of Knowing

The semester start seems far away, but perhaps it makes sense to already arrange our next kitchen meeting. In order to reduce (or at least not to increase) the craziness of the first few weeks of the winter term, I suggest that we meet at 6pm on the 13th October, in the soc. kitchen area (PEG 3G 204). If you agree, we could use the session to discuss the introductory chapter of John Law and Evelyn Ruppert’s Modes of Knowing: Resources from the Baroque (the whole book is available online for free at This chapter might be a good starting point for a series of discussions about styles of knowing and doing research.

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Kitchen visit to Karlsruhe

On June the 17th we’ll collectively visit Bruno Latour et al.’s exhibition ‘Reset Modernity’ at the ZKM in Karlsruhe. If you feel like joining us, please meet us at the head of Platform 6 at Frankfurt Hbf at 9.50am. We’ll take the 10.05am train to Karlsruhe (ICE towards Chur).

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The temporal politics of carbon

Our next session with take place at 18.00 on the 9th June in the soc. kitchen area (PEG 3G. 204). Our special guest will be Ingmar Lippert from the ITU in Copenhagen, who will bring a draft paper titled ‘Environment as placeholder: on the temporal politics of carbon’ as a contribution to our ongoing discussion about multiple temporalities. (Please email for a copy of the paper.)

See many of you there & then!

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Frozen in time: the politics of latency

Our next session will take place at 18.00 on the 12th May, in the soc. kitchen area (PEG 3G 204). We’ll continue the ‘multiple temporalities’ theme by discussing the concept of latency. We’ll do this with the help of Joanna Radin’s 2013 paper titled ‘Latent life: Concepts and practices of human tissue preservation in the International Biological Program’ – please find the article here. (Do let Endre know, if you can’t access the PDF.)

See you soon!

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Universities in neoliberal times

The first session of the summer semester will be a public lecture by Cris Shore at the Cultural Anthropology department. The talk will draw on Cris and his colleagues’ recent ethnographic research on the transformation of universities in the global knowledge economy (more here: Related to our ‘multiple temporalities theme’, perhaps this will also be a good occasion to reflect on what it means to talk about neoliberal times…

The public lecture is at 18.00 on the 28th April in Seminar House 5.101

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The biology of history

The last Kitchen STS meeting of the Winter term will be held on the 11th February, at 6pm in the soc. kitchen area (PEG 3G.204).

This time, our special guest will be Uli Beisel, who will use this session as an opportunity to test some of her ideas for future research. As preparation, Uli has asked us to read Hannah Landecker’s ‘Antibiotic Resistance and the Biology of History‘ in Body & Society.

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Rhythm, tempo, and historical time

Happy New Year to you all! The first kitchen meeting of 2016 will take place on the 14th January, at the usual time and place. We’ll continue our discussion of multiple temporalities with the help of Michael Herzfeld’s ‘Rhythm, tempo, and historical time: experiencing temporality in the neoliberal age’. You should be able to download the paper from this page – please ask Endre for a PDF if you can’t access it.

See you next week!

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The eternal present

Last time we discussed how the idea of progress as a particular way of relating to the future was developed; this time we’re going to shift our attention to the hollowing out of progress and the rise of what Geoffrey Bowker calls an eternal, synchronised present. We’ll draw on Geof’s contribution to a special issue of History and Theory on multiple temporalities to see how such conceptualisation of the present is reliant upon various infrastrucutural developments, and how it’s still likely to remain incomplete.

The meeting will take place at 18.00 on the 17th December 2015. Incidentally, this is also the last meeting with Susanne, who is moving next month to Oslo to start a job at TiK. Please join us for a farewell drink at 20.00 at the kitchen (PEG 3G 204).

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The future cannot begin

Our next session on the 19th November will be centred around a classical text: Niklas Luhmann’s ‘The future cannot begin’. (Thanks to Michael Guggenheim for the recommendation!) The discussion will help us closely engage with such central concepts in STS as progress, planning, and technological innovation.

The meeting will take place at 18.00 at the sociology kitchen area (PEG 3.G 204).

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Timing with Kristin Asdal

In the winter term our kitchen sessions will be focusing on different temporalities and the ways in which they relate to each other. Our first meeting will take place on the 29th October; with the help of our special guest, Kristin Asdal from TIK in Oslo, we’ll discuss the importance of timing in processes of commodification. Kristin’s paper titled ‘Enacting values from the sea: On innovation devices, value practices, and the co-modifications of markets and bodies in aquaculture’ (published as a contribution to this book) is available as a PDF – just ask Endre for a copy.

The meeting, as usual, will take place at the Sociology kitchen area (PEG 3G 204) between 18.00 and 20.00 – looking forward to seeing you there!

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