trashtalk: A Podcast series about waste in the Anhropocene!

Follow us into the world of waste, where it unfolds its multiple ways of being in different lights. In worlds where waste is not only one but many different things, in worlds where it is practiced, recycled and reprocessed in different ways, and in worlds full of stories, narratives and – simply – life. Whether as part of new ecosystems, promising technologies, or everyday life, waste is ubiquitous and not so easy to define.

We have generated a few insights into these worlds for you. Our podcasts are about the waste sector in Germany in general, recycling, the reuse of food and old clothes, the disposal of hazardous waste as well as zero waste approaches. But we also have exciting insights into the recovery of phosphorus from sewage sludge in store for you. Or tune in to hear how microplastics are becoming a problem. If you’re wondering what queer approaches have to do with waste research, you’ve come to the right place, as well as if you want to take a closer look at waste and global inequalities. With that in mind, tune in! Also: the last three episodes are in English!

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