Abstracts and Videos

Invited Speakers

Jack Hoeksema (University of Groningen): Won’t get fooled again!
Verbs of deception in Dutch and German – the interaction of temporal orientation, point of view and polarity sensitivity
(live presentation)

Paul Kay (University of California, Berkeley): Copy Raising as a Lexical Rule

Fabiola Henri (University at Buffalo): Negation and its bearing on creole genesis

Regular Conference Talks

Conference Day 1, 28th of July

Yanru Lu (Humboldt University of Berlin) and Stefan Müller (Humboldt University of Berlin): Verbal reduplication in Mandarin Chinese: An HPSG account

Gabrielle Aguila-Multner (University of Paris) and Berthold Crysmann (French National Center for Scientific Research & University of Paris): Clause union inside-out: reflexives and medio-passives in French causatives

Tsuneko Nakazawa (University of Tokyo) and Rui Cao (University of Tokyo): Semantics-Oriented Resultatives: Evidence from Valency Alternation Verbs

Adam Przepiórkowski (University of Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences & University of Oxford): Three Improvements to the HPSG Model Theory

Yanwei Jin (University at Buffalo) and Jean-Pierre Koenig (University at Buffalo): The grammatical representation of expletive negation

Symon Stevens-Guille (Ohio State University) and Elena Vaikšnoraitė (Ohio State University & University of Stuttgart): Case Alternation in Lexicalized Grammar: Genitive of Negation in Lithuanian

Conference Day 2, 29th of July

Robert Borsley (University of Essex & Bangor University): The Welsh of Jesus and Job: Verb-second in Middle Welsh

Adam Przepiórkowski (University of Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences & University of Oxford): Polyadic Quantification in Hybrid Coordination

Olga Zamaraeva (University of Washington): Morphological Marking of Constituent Questions: A Case for Nonlocal Amalgamation

Giuseppe Varaschin (Federal University of Santa Catarina): The disunity of Principle B Effects

Manfred Sailer (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Sascha Bargmann (Goethe University Frankfurt): A phraseo-lexical analysis of idioms

Jakob Maché (University of Lisbon): Constraining the identification of epistemic judges across different syntactic categories

Workshop, 30th of July

Manfred Sailer (Goethe University Frankfurt): Minimizer negative polarity items in non-negative contexts

Jakob Maché (University of Lisbon): The gradual loss of NPI-hood with ‘need’ verbs in Germanic

Zahra Mirrazi (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) and Hedde Zeijlstra (University of Göttingen): A non-lexical approach to NEG-RAISING

Emil Ionescu (University of Bucharest): Imperatives and negation in Romance Languages

Julian Form (Goethe University Frankfurt): Neg-words in Eton (Bantu): an HPSG-analysis

Andy Lücking (University of Paris & Goethe University Frankfurt) and Jonathan Ginzburg (University of Paris): Saying and shaking ‘No’

Poster Session

Conference Day 1, 28th of July

Dávid Győrfi (University of Surrey): Types of imperfectivity in Kazakh nonfinite clauses

Petter Haugereid (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences): An HPSG account of coded causal–noncausal verb pairs

Gyu-min Lee (Korea University) and Sanghoun Song (Korea University): HPSG/MRS-Based Sentence Generation with Transformer