Keil, Marta – Jour Fixe

27. April 2022, 19.00 Uhr

Marta Keil is curator, editor, dramaturge and researcher. She lives and works between Warsaw and Utrecht. Her curatorial and research practice is focused on possible alternative processes of instituting and on redefining modes of working transnationally. At the moment she curates transnational project Breaking the Spell, focused on feminist practices in contemporary performing arts and co-curates with NorthEastSouthWest project in Dresden. In October 2021, she curated “Forecast. A School of Thinking-With” for Dublin Theatre Festival. In 2020, she co-curated the international, multigenerational performative project Grand Re Union which reflected current choreographic practices in their socio-political context. She often works in tandem with Grzegorz Reske (ResKeil), recently they curated together with Tim Etchells the Common Ground season at Komuna Warszawa (2020) and did the performance “Sunny Sunday” together with Lina Majdalanie and Rabih Mroué (2020). Since 2019 she has been cooperating as facilitator with the RESHAPE project that searched for new models of transnational cooperation and solidarity in the arts field. In 2011, Marta initiated the East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP), that aimed at facilitating transnational mobility and sharing knowledge in the Eastern European region. She has collaborated with the platform until 2019. In 2021, she was commissioned by IETM to prepare together with Marie Le Sourd (On the Move) a study on strategies undertaken by European arts institutions against transgressive behaviour. Marta is also a guest teacher at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and SWPS University in Warsaw. She edited several books, including:  Choreography: strategies (together with Joanna Leśnierowska, forthcoming), Choreography: politicality (2018) and Reclaiming the Obvious: On the Institution of the Festival (2017). Holds PhD in Culture Studies.