Gesturing Presence (Workshop/Masterclass)

Gesturing Presence (mit Isabel Rocamora)

Freitag, 25.11.2016 (12 – 18 h)

Teil I:

12.15-13.45 Visiting Artist Lecture: Gesturing Presence: The Performative Image and the Human Being 

Raum 1.411

Isabel Rocamora’s films explore the relationship between the moving body, place, temporality, and the lens, creating a distinct expression at the intersection of the performative and the testimonial. Her recent practice considers the ethical consequences of military violence followed by issues of faith and difference. In this talk Rocamora will offer insight into her creative process by closely discussing how thematic, choreographic and aesthetic considerations dialogue with her philosophical interests.

Isabel Rocamora is an artist filmmaker with a background in performance. Widely awarded, her choreographic live works have toured extensively both site-specifically and to theatres and her films can be seen in galleries, museums and filmothèques. Rocamora has shown at the Centre for Contemporary Art Palazzo Strozzi, Florence; the National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen; the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel and the Bologna Museum of Modern Art. Recent solo exhibitions include the Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Summerhall Galleries, Edinburgh and Galeria Senda in Barcelona. Her performance and film work has been broadcast on Channel 4 (UK), TV3 and TV2 (Spain), and Arte TV (France/ Germany). Isabel is Visiting Lecturer in Film Directing (MA) at Edinburgh Napier University and has been invited to talk at the universities of Edinburgh, Lisbon, Dundee, Glasgow, Oxford, and Brown, among others.

Teil II:

15:00 – 18:00 Workshop: Refining Performative Presence

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Isabel Rocamora will lead a workshop on the practice of performative presencing. Focused on the dramatics of human gesture, we will use improvisation techniques to explore forms of emotive and ontological expression. The choreographed body – one that is present in space and time – will then be considered through the gaze of the lens.

Please bring your fully charged mobile phones.

Participants: Any discipline (drama, dance, film). Maximum 15-20 participants.

Equipment: Participants are invited to bring their fully charged mobile phones.

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